TSS Ammo: Your Burning Questions Answered (and Why You Might Love It)

TSS Ammo: Your Burning Questions Answered (and Why You Might Love It)

Q: Is TSS ammo worth the price?

A: TSS boasts unmatched performance: denser patterns, longer effective range, and better penetration compared to traditional lead or steel shot. This translates to increased ethical shot opportunities, especially when longer distances or denser cover are involved. 

Q: How far will TSS ammo shoot accurately?

A: Effective range depends on multiple factors like choke, gauge, shot size, and shooter skill. But compared to traditional shot, TSS can extend your ethical range significantly. Reports of clean kills beyond 60 yards for turkeys and 50+ yards for waterfowl are common. Remember, responsible hunting goes beyond pellet delivery; ethical shot placement relies heavily on marksmanship and responsible range estimation.

Q: Does TSS ammo pattern better than lead shot?

A: Absolutely! Thanks to its high density, TSS pellets pack tighter in the shell, resulting in denser, more consistent patterns downrange. This translates to more pellets on target, maximizing your chances for a clean kill. Lead shot, while cheaper, tends to offer wider, sparser patterns, compromising effectiveness at longer distances.

Q: What is TSS ammo best for?

A: TSS shines in situations where extreme range, tight patterns, and deep penetration are crucial. It excels in:

    • Long-range turkey hunting: Take responsible shots with confidence even at farther distances.
    • Waterfowl hunting: Reach distant birds with denser patterns for cleaner kills.
    • Small-gauge hunting: Smaller gauges like 410, 20, and 28 gain significant performance boost with TSS.

Q: What gauge is best for TSS ammo?

A: The best gauge depends on your personal preference and target species. While 12-gauge remains popular, TSS unlocks the potential of smaller gauges like 20 and 28, offering reduced recoil and lighter weight without compromising performance. Consider your comfort, target size, and hunting style when choosing the gauge.

Q: What choke do I need for TSS ammo?

A: TSS requires specifically designed chokes to achieve optimal performance. Look for chokes labeled "TSS" or "Tungsten Super Shot" compatible with your gauge and shot size. Using the wrong choke can negatively impact pattern density and range. We have had great results with Trulock Chokes. We highly encourage you to put your load on paper before hunting so you know exactly what it's doing.

Q: Where can I buy TSS ammo?

A: TSS ammo can be found at saltcreekammo.com. They offer a wide variety of gauges, shot sizes, and applications. They can usually make you anything anytime, even if it's out of stock on their website. They are also a custom shop, meaning they can cook up a special load for any specialty hunt you may be going on. 

Q: Is TSS ammo legal in my area?

A: Always check your local hunting regulations before using any ammunition type. Some regions have restrictions on shot size, material, or gauge, so make sure TSS is legal for your intended target and hunting area.

Q: How does TSS ammo compare to other high-performance ammo?

A: TSS competes with options like Hevi-Shot and Heavyweight Tungsten. While all offer improved performance over traditional lead, TSS generally boasts tighter patterns, higher pellet density, and potentially longer effective range. Research and compare options based on your specific needs and budget.

Bonus: The TSS Advantage

Beyond its technical specs, TSS offers a distinct ethical advantage. By extending your effective range and improving pellet density, TSS can help you minimize crippling shots and ensure clean, humane kills. Responsible hunters prioritize animal welfare, and TSS can be a valuable tool in achieving that goal.

Remember: TSS is a powerful tool, but responsible use is paramount. Practice ethical hunting principles, prioritize marksmanship, and always follow local regulations. Happy hunting!

Please note: This blog post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional hunting advice. Always prioritize safety and ethical practices when using firearms and ammunition.

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