Hunting isn't a sport, it's a lifestyle.

From the moment we were old enough to aim a gun, we were hunting. For generations, hunting has brought us together on cold October mornings, waiting on bated breath for that first sliver of daylight. That passion is passed into every shell we make. You can have the best camo in the world, the best decoys, the best gun; but in the end the only thing that matters is the ammo that makes contact with a bird. That's why we created Salt Creek Ammo.

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NEW: TSS Waterfowl

Try our new "Triple Curl" TSS shotshells, designed to stretch the ethical range of traditional ammunition. Nothing will ever compare to the terminal ballistics of Tungsten Super Shot... Your shooting abilities will fail before TSS does. 

Vintage Low-Pressure Waterfowl Loads

An ode to the old school guns with 10 and 12 gauge low pressure loads. Hand loaded with premium copper plated bismuth and other modern American made components. We’ve proof tested this loads to around 6,500 PSI in order to shoot safely in your old Parker, L.C. Smith, Remington 1889, Winchester 1901 or other demascus and twist steel shotguns. Your next wing shooting adventure will be a memorable one with a perfect balance of speed, pressures, and payload.

NEW: Petaled Twister Slug; 12 Gauge Defense Round

The Twister is a one-of-a-kind slug designed to fragment upon impact, creating 5 or 6 separate wound channels, making it the most effective self-defense slug ever made. 


NEW: Triple Threat Predator TSS

TSS Shotshell ammunition for coyote, hogs, and deer. Meticulously hand loaded for serious hunters. Proudly made in Utah, USA.

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A small business with big results

With years of experience handloading killer shells, it was time to share our hard work with others.

Swag (NEW!)

Premium quality swag, expanding every day. Rep them at the range, in the woods, or as an everyday staple. 

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