Hunting isn't a sport, it's a lifestyle.

From the moment we were old enough to aim a gun, we were hunting. For generations, it has brought us together on cold October mornings, waiting on bated breath for that first sliver of daylight. That passion is passed into every shell we make. You can have the best camo in the world, the best decoys, the best gun; but in the end the only thing that matters is the ammo that makes contact with a bird. That's why we created Salt Creek Ammo.

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Why TSS?

Tungsten Super Shot is 60% more dense than lead. Simply put, you can decrease shot size, increase pellet count, and still maintain lethality downrange, giving you about another 25 yards more ethical distance over traditional lead shot.

Hit 'em with the most powerful shot on the market... Tungsten Super Shot

Take down birds further, harder, and more effectively than any other shot type in existence.

Triple Threat: Coyote, Deer, and Hog TSS - Salt Creek Custom Ammunition

Triple Threat Predator TSS

TSS Shotshell ammunition for coyote, hogs, and deer. Meticulously hand loaded for serious hunters. Proudly made in Utah, USA.

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A small business with big results

With years of experience handloading killer shells, it was time to share our hard work with others.

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Premium quality swag, expanding every day. Rep them at the range, in the woods, or as an everyday staple. 

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